So I caught a sunrise this past sunday. Thanks to my sister's hockey game at 7:10 (she scored her first goal by the way)... anyways, I've always been a fan of sunsets (I took some great pictures of the sun setting on the west coast when I was in Cali this summer they're on my facebook), but I have very rarely witnessed a sunrise... I value my sleep. But since I had to be up, I decided to enjoy the sunrise. It was beautiful... seriously, it needed a pit orchestra to play in the background. At first, there was just a tinge of pinkish orange light on the horizon, but after a few seconds it started to grow into a rich orange, silhouetting the clouds that dotted the skyline. Pretty much, it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I quite enjoyed it, it made my morning.


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Anonymous said...

no pictures of this one? that's a shame. i always love looking at the pictures since i tend to sleep through the real thing. although sunsets are also pretty too, and i can usually catch them. :-) hope you're having fun at psu. ~me