And We're Back

Well once again i have that itch to blog. so *blog*. anyways, i was reading through my old xanga today (i can't believe i remembered the password and such... well maybe it isn't that unbelievable) and i got pretty nostalgic... i miss high school, i'm not gonna lie. life was so much less stressful back then. maybe i'm only remembering the good parts of it, but i miss the closeness i had with my old friends... i also really miss playing hockey and tennis. like really badly. soooo when the weather decides to not be 5 degrees or colder out anymore... i will be up for playing tennis, those of you who go to penn state who wants to play? also do you like the banner thing i added at the top of my page? i made it myself. its a freeze frame of a scene from Lost in Translation where Scarlett Johannson is sitting in her window gazing out over tokyo... and then the text inside lists the songs i've recently listened to. 'tis sweer. later.

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