Penn State Weather Blows... Seriously

Ok so sunday night we reached a nice balmy low of -23 degrees with the wind chill. monday it warmed up a little. and by a little i mean i think it stayed about 0 all day. and now today we got about 5 inches of snow and it was practically shorts weather because it was in the high 20's all day. unfortunately that snow fell on top of ice and NO ONE IN STATE COLLEGE SHOVELS THEIR SIDEWALKS. the townies around here suck, the borough gets so pissed off whenever a frat doesn't shovel their sidewalk, but the townies never shovel their sidewalks. it happens every time it snows, without fail. walking to campus is right out if you want to be safe... anyways... classes definitely should have been canceled today because the administration was not clearing the sidewalks faster than the snow was falling. all the sidewalks were slippery and i nearly fell twice which would have sucked because i was carrying my laptop... anyways rant over.

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