mmm Winter

Today marked the first day of winter. my personal favorite season. is it because of the snow? possibly? or christmas? also a good possibility. I thought about it today, and decided that it was actually because of the peppermint stick ice cream that becomes available. peppermint stick ice cream is God's gift to mankind. it's actually what christmas is all about. and you thought it was about Christ... you silly person. peppermint stick ice cream combines two of the greatest sweets: peppermint sticks and ice cream, to form the ultimate alliance that takes your tastebuds on by storm. its quite a religious experience. i encourage you all to indulge frequently in this godly treat. remember, if its condoned by God, its good for you. so that means no fat or calories in the ice cream, you only find those in evil flavors such as chocolate (chocolate also gives you pimples, which are of the devil, so keep that in mind). so basically, winter just wouldn't be the same without peppermint stick ice cream. unfortunately, it, just like winter, is seasonal, so you only get it once a year, what a travesty.


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Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure that was almost to the point of adorable. you should write ads or something. hehe. i had a peppermint today that was too big for my mouth, but it was good anyway. that almost related. :-)
~guess who.