hmm... so maybe we aren't as mature as we think we are as college students. that whole rumors getting out of proportion thing happened again. and we thought we left all this shit in high school. haha huge wake up call. while we managed to work it all out in a timely manner, it got me thinking: college isn't all it's cracked up to be. most of us think we're so mature now that we're in college, but put us back into some situations we had last year and what happens? we revert back to the way we acted in high school. this is twice in two weeks now. the thing is that people let their emotions control them. once emotions get involved, rational thought goes out the window. plus no one wants to let anyone else get the better of them so that leads to even more problems. we all thought that this stuff would just stop when we went to college. that's not true. it won't stop until we can handle conflict in a reasonable way. and i don't see an end to it anytime soon. its sad, but i'm not sure i can be around certain people at home anymore simply because we haven't figured out a way to peacefully co-exist around each other. i wish that it weren't this way, but i guess thats life sometimes. you have to sacrifice for the greater good of the whole.


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how would college make us grow up? we're still the same people and one summer doesn't change us that much, especially if it was spent living in the same high school environment. somehow i don't think it helps that PHS is at PSU in practically it's entirity. I'm glad I got the chance to grow up on my own here, but there's still drama, just no one to talk about it with. which is better? couldn't tell you but i guess it all works out in the end anyway. (not that it's a problem for me, somehow i always avoid drama...i don't get it). IM me if you want to talk. :-)