So you know when you pass an aquaintance on the street and they recognize you and smile? Well I had that happen to me in a class today... one of my newer friends smiled and I thought I had smiled back. Later tonight we were talking and she goes "so you gave me the wierdest look earlier" and I asked "uhh... when" (thinking it must have been some other time) she then goes on to describe that it had been when she smiled at me... so apparently I can't smile unless I'm laughing... I assured her that it wasn't her, that I'm probably always like that. now its gonna eat at me. dammit. in other news, I picked up an application for Irving's Bagels. according to Caye, it makes her think of the guy that wrote Sleepy Hollow, so now all she can think about is Ichabod Crane serving bagels... I told her I'd dress up for work like that.



Anonymous said...

you don't like to smile. i thought we determined this when i discovered that you were smiling in our picture from graduation and i swore it was the only time you've smiled. as for the bagels...have fun...where exactly is this place?...i'd like to see you dressed as sir crane. :-P

Anonymous said...

i bet you guessed who it was again, but just in case, that was me, katelin.